Babai i aktorit të madh shqiptar zt.Trim Balaj ,në profilin e tij në facebook ,Agron (Ramë )Balaj, shkruan:"Marsi  është muaji i përkujtimeve të vdekjes së motrës Drita dhe nanës Ajshe...!"
Fotografia e Agron Balaj

Ndërsa djali i Agronit,është njeri prej aktorëve më të kërkuar në shtetet Nordike dhe  Skandinave.

Ja se çfarë shkruajnë portalet norvegjeze për aktorin e madh nga Strellci,Trim Agron Balaj...


Trim Balaj Friday RIOT

Photo Credit: Rob Workman

Friday Funday

He has played a pirate, an archeologist and is currently in the role of the Almighty God. This extremely talented actor has some great advice for anyone who is working within the creative industry on why you should continue to pursue your passion.

Norwegian based actor Trim Balaj is this weeks Friday RIOT!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a TV-series that is in production and we’re hoping it will be picked up by a TV station. After 8 inspiring and tough auditions, I was told there might not be a part in the show for me due to ethnicity, (you’ll see soon and understand.) However the director, Ayaz Hussain, really liked what I had done so far, so he got me to come back and create a character which would fit in with the tv-series. I had two days to come up with the perfect person and scene! After two sleepless nights I was yet again in front of the director with what I thought was the character he needed in the series. Luckily you’ll be able to see what I came up with during those two sleepless nights.

I am also doing a few short films. The first one is a science fiction short about Alisia, a humanlike robot in search of her creator, where I’ll be playing the part of the creator.

The journey to find the creator is rather dark and mysterious. It is written by: Lasse Pedersen, a director i’ve had the pleasure of working with before on the short film ‘Morte'.

The second short is an action film. I have already filmed the first one in the series, ‘Dr Johansen and the Lost Grail of Saint Olav’ (original title "Dr. Johansen og jakten på Olav den helliges beger") It’s about the archaeologist/adventurer Dr. Johansen, who gets a commission from the Norwegian Natural History Museum to find a valuable object. What he doesn't know is that an evil cult is also interested in the object.

There is a sequel coming soon, and I can’t wait to start shooting it this summer.

Photo Credit: Henriette Wilhelmine Arnevig

What advice would you give to others wanting to pursue a similar career?

My advice to others in becoming an actor/actress is not something you become because it sounds easy or fun. It's not a career you pursue if fame is what triggers you.

You wake up and you can feel it in your whole body, there is nothing in the world you'd rather do more then this. That my friends is called, ‘passion’.

Having passion for your craft is what will get you through the hard days, the days where you just didn’t get the part you auditioned for. The days where people give you the pity smirk and ask “why didn’t you get a real job, a job that will support your future family and yourself”. On those days you’ll have to remind yourself why you do what you love, how privileged you are in getting to pursue your dream and your passion.

Dare to believe in yourself, put fear away and know that this is what you are destined to do!

The other piece of advice I’d like to share is, dare to be curious within your craft, be like a child. Not childish, but childlike, the way they explore their surroundings, how they see things for the first time. Everything from the way you move your hands and body to the first time you experience the outdoors.

Who is your acting inspiration?

I have a few people who inspire me in different ways.

Alfredo James Pacino being the sole reason why I got into acting. The intensity and power he puts into each of his characters and the magic that happens on every close up is really inspiring. He is brilliant both behind the camera and on stage.

I got to watch him perform in China Doll on Broadway, a play by David Mamet that was dedicated by Pacino. So I got to check-off a big mark on my bucket list!

Others who also inspire me are, Kevin Spacey, Jim Carry and Robin Williams, in many different ways. From how they develop characters, comedy, intensity, convey a message and also how they are as people.

What is the best/worst job you have worked on?

Now this is a great question!

I have been lucky so far with the productions I’ve been a part of and the people I’ve worked with.

One of the best job experiences has to be when I worked as a pirate in Abra Havn at Dyreparken. The feeling when you see children (and some adults) dive into the world of Captain Sabeltooth. They get to come on a journey with you as the real pirate, it’s truly a great feeling. It’s like a dream come true to most of the kids that visit us.

I also love children’s theatre, they are the hardest and most honest audience. If you bore them or lose their interest for a split second, they will tell you and then they will get up and leave.

Another fun experience was during the filming of The Last King (original title: Birkebeinerne) Directed by: Nils Gaup and written by Ravn Lanesskog. We were filming the big fight/battle scene between ‘Baglere’ and ‘Birkebeinere’.

It started at 06:00 in the morning and finished at 18:00. We were outside in the freezing winter this whole time, for one whole week. It was epic to be a part of this huge fight with horses running around you, about 60 bearded men with axes and swords fighting only inches away from you.

The Last King

What is your movie guilty pleasure?

I do have a few guilty pleasures.

The first has to be ‘Scarface’ with the one and only, Al Pacino. This was one of the first films where I started learning all the lines by heart and I would act them out in front of my friends at school. I could do a one man show of that film.

Another character that I would show my friends is The Mask with Jim Carry. I know it’s old but it’s still movie gold! As he would put it (with the Mask voice):

“Ooh, somebody stop me!”

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