Impressions about the volume with short stories of the writer Dylbere Dika

It is becoming every day more common the presence of new firms in the field of papers which indicates that our literature will have a prosperous future.
The young poetess, Dylbere Dika, after the publication of the summery with poetries “The sold paradise” (Parajsa e shitur) is represented in front of the readers with a narration’s summery which is called “Also the day dies” (Dhe dita vdes).
In the wake of her creative individuality, the talented author, also in these prose written with inspiration and sincerity, aims to give a tableau by the contemporary life, pouring into them fresh impressions impregnated with a seductive poetic spirit. The short stories with simple subjects, without many complications, reveal human messages, now and again with sincerity and fondly as well, but anyway exiting for the readers.
As in the poetry the new writer, Dylbere Dika is distinguished for special creative’s affinity, for satisfactorily technical when describing the events and carving in characters, for inspiration and sincerity when writing, which promises that this creator, thanks to the gained experience in the future will give us works even more mellowed from artistic part, creating in this way her full creative profile.

Hiqmete Daja


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