Notes about the book “The night of foreign cypress” of the writer Artur Spanjolli

“The night of foreign cypress” (Nata e qiparisave të huaj) of the new creator Artur Spanjolli is a compilation of poetry and essays that essentially express the philosophy of his age. 20-year-old Arthur strangely resembles an old wise man in his own creations. This comes, perhaps, because he has run so much in search of the dreamed paradise, that, even if he would found it, it would be something like worthless for his overstrain soul that has already lost something of what is called spiritual paradise – sensitivity. This comes simply because in order to achieve a success of the age, like many young Albanians, he has spent the whole spiritual potential, that potential, that in normal conditions would help him to build the “paradise” of his whole life. However another thing are the vicissitudes of life and another is the value of creativity; Arthur in “Night of foreign cypress” (Nata e qiparisave të huaj) expresses like a mature author, although this is the first edition. Odysseus of his life throughout Italy, and especially in Florence, where he achieves to participate in a literary competition and wins not only a price but also an opportunity to register in the university of this ancient city, for modern literature, has given him the experience of an immigrant. The experience in one hand as well as the summary of the selected creations of three different volumes, within a book, make the publication “Night of foreign cypress” (Nata e qiparisave të huaj) a striking work for the 20-year-old author. Dear reader, the publications that will come later, will introduce Arthur Spanjolli even more worthily, however, as a start let us be content with this book. As we are pleased, let us wish further success to this poet and prose writer made somehow in a special way from life.

Shefki Hysa


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