Notes for the romance “Beauty with the shadow” of the writer Pjetër Arbnori

You must be definitely a human with highly sensitive heart to be a really talented writer and to have at the same time patience and fantasy to neatly woven with the pen’s tip the glittered and idyllic veil of a summer beach, pent-up inside a tremendous prison’s cells like the one in Burrel. It’s unbelievable anyway it’s reality. Former political prisoner, Pjetër Arbnori, in conditions of wild terror, through the cell’s darkness lighten only with the eyes’ sight and with the fire of the early juvenility’s memory that never could be desecrated by the physical and psychological violence, never could be quenched by the starvation, strives not only to survive but to sharpen the thought and the feeling as well and to conceive them afterwards in special art. This is the romance “Beauty with the shadow” (Bukuroshja me hijen). Her destiny is a part of the author’s destiny, of those people who came lately in light from the barbed wire sieges with soul still intact thanks to the explosion of the sleepy energies. You read this romance and you have no way to not shudders not only by the lyric ember colored situations and the messages that transmits but for the fact how it is created within recesses of the terror edifice of the notorious prison of Burrel. We will not exaggerate at all if we express in a figurative manner that this artistic value is conceived and grown up the same way like the pearls within the mollusk’s shell of the deep sub-seas. The pearls’ hunters know what they pass to discover and to bring them out from the seas depths and to put such treasures in the service of the mankind. So, this romance, that has nothing in common with the prisons’ terrors, on the contrary it is a successful effort of the writer, as desire and whim to sing to the human feeling as immemorial as the mankind itself, to the love. Anyway, in a field where have entered and have failed many writers, Pjetër Arbnori in his own way, with his emotional world hues, finally he succeeds to make a new hymn for love and this time wearing the most Albanian features.
Those who will read this romance will be convinced that after the publication of the novel “When Vikings flock” (Kur dynden vikingët), the publishing house “Bilal Xhaferri” presents another artistic evidence about the undeniable talent of this writer already not so young in his age, but too young in his soul. “Beauty with the shadow” (Bukuroshja me hijen) is a challenge for the skeptics, nihilists and mediocre. Even though inside the prisons’ darkness he maintained the purity of light within his soul and in his work, when many other writers, despite living in light, the darkness of dictatorship took place in their lives. Pjetër Arbnori will have the place that he deserves in our literature. As an unremitting hunter he certainly will go on searching such pearls in the laborious seas of creativity for the pleasure of those who know the value of miracles. And the future will reward him by sculpting his name in the memory of time.


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