“The whirlpool” (Vorbulla)

Notes for the novel “The whirpool” of writer Pjeter Arbnori
Its is said that the world was reborn by chaos, that light was regenerated by darkness. However it can not be accepted that life was reborn by death. Life is the world full of light. Life is continuously risked by death, just like the world by chaos, like light by darkness. However life is alive in the world for thousands of years ago. Life survives, especially at the Man, the only reasonably creature and the most vulnerable of this world. The man is threatened everything. Threatened man coexists with the risk, resists the risk. Risks everywhere and over all risk of its kind.
In the history whirlpool are appeared not only individuals but also warrior people. Races threatened by other human races. People risked by other people. Among the risked one, Albanian people remain the most vulnerable. Maybe since Prometheus times. Albanian- the model of the risked person. Even by himself. Grandpa after grandpa swallowed in the flow of death whirlpool.
You can’t say that the fire is reset by his ash, but the Albanian fervid through wars, from barbarian and west and east empire flocks, is reborn by his ash. The Albanian hero was reborn so many times by the death that fell in his head. Israel, biblical persecuted, survived through the waves of human history. They were again persecuted, almost up to extermination by the Nazi. Mankind did homage to the Israel pain. Albanian pain, instead, is turned the back. Albanians had to reappear so many times from the ruins of empires. It has rediscovered itself as archaeologist reveal ancient statues after excavation extremely fatiguing. Empires after empires have collapsed over the head of the Albanian and he is revamped, so giddily, with wounds, through empire dusks, and could heroically resist, from a behind death to another, from one circle of hell to another, while he was reborn again and again.
Such heroes embody the novel “The whirlpool” (Vorbulla) of Pjeter Arbnori writer. Heroes reborned from the whirlpools of human hell. After reading “The whirlpool” (Vorbulla) everyone can say that Arbnori has artistically recreated a historical reality detached from the dusk’s whirlpool of the period after Prizreni League. However, despite the hue and the originality of the unique time events and the episodes that are narrated in the work, its heroes remind the warrior of the resistance of all the Albanian millennium, even the hero reborned from the communist hell era. Thus, “The whirlpool” (Vorbulla) is a cut of the Albanian millennium history, despite the limit position that is experienced; it is a synthesis of the past and future turbulences, for imitation as well as artistic generalization. A work created in unusual circumstances born as a swirl of light in the darkness of prisons, with unusual characters, which look like their creators.
Arbnori was reborn from hell, miraculously escaping the death chain. Red hell devoured many victims, as the unlucky characters of the tales that to get rich or to have the Beauty of the Earth as bride, they take that “road in which they go and never come back”. On the contrary, Arbnori, in this road ended up in “the hereafter” of the communist prisons. He survived all the terrors of the hell’s circles and finally he found the path of return charged with triumph and all that treasure- his literary work, among those the novel “The whirlpool” (Vorbulla), and “The Beauty of the Earth”- the honor that deserves the writer.
“He survived the epidemic plague,” is said in such cases. He survived as the almost mythical characters of “The whirlpool” (Vorbulla). For the sake of the art and the ability to reborn, he will be engraved in the memory of generations.


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