Notes about the book “Stars of dreams” (Yjet e ëndrrave) of Etleva Shahini

Who didn’t live adolescence and didn’t feel the caprice of this critical age, when you feel as a child and manly, as fleeting and wise, although neither children nor young, nor man. Adolescence is an unstable weather, rain and sun, precipitated windstorm and spring breeze, frost and scorching heat; a myriad of opposites that strangely coexist within a soul. Understand, if you want that what nomocracy acts in the teenage soul, where the crazy spring, winter, sun, snow, breeze and wind, overblow in lava that define the characteristic of this age.
Such is Etleva Shahini.
Being at the same time a poetess, her soul even more strongly demonstrates caprice of age. And these highly original caprices are also embodied in the verses of her first book “Stars of dreams” (Yjet e ëndrrave).


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