The love, the pain

Notes about the book “A sun’s plateau” of the 
poet Nexhmi S. Hoxha
In the book of poetry “A sun’s plateau” (Një pllajë diell) has a love and deep pain. Love is for the whole homeland, especially for the birthplace-Konispol, while pain is for the Cham’s hearth, part of this homeland, but violently depopulated from the half of its native inhabitants, from where are the author’s parents. In addition to these pronounces the renewal of consciousness, of thought and psychology, now, released. The peaceful love and the drama of loss that is expected to return to the ancestral lands like Israel in their holy land, constitute the author’s world, which could have been expressed through verses 20 years ago, when he started to write. But, if authentic love for the homeland would definitely lock up in the love for socialist homeland, that naturally, hindered the inspiration, the disclosure of the drama of loss of Chameria was strictly forbidden. These, perhaps, have been the two of the main causes Nexhmi Hoxha, with a few rare case, failed to publish poetry in the first youth, because his world would be locked up or would be forbidden. Abolition of censorship liberated spirit, vigor and passion of each. Therefore, this book, which besides the poetic beauty, especially expresses the passionately world of the author, is not only the result of liberation of the soul but also of the free publication.

Bashkim Kuçuku
Literary Critic


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