Notes about the author Sazan Goliku

Sazan Goliku, literary name of Pandeli Koçi, was born in Vlora, in January 6 1942, in a patriotic family from Tepelena. Since in the 7-year school and then in the high school he started to write and publish. He has finished the branch of language-literature in the faculty History-Philology in Tirana and he has worked as a teacher, culture worker, journalist and literary editor in the publishing house “Naim Frasheri’ and elsewhere. Since 1970 he is particularly taken with the selection and editorship of books from Albanian literature published in Kosovo and Macedonia and he has been lecturer of this part of Albanian literature in UT. Since 1981 he has worked on the press sector of the Popular Assembly.
He has published the books: “Broken mirror” (Pasqyra e thyer, tales and stories, 1972), “Light flower” (Lule drite, poetry, 1977), “Fist” (Grusht, poetry, 1981), “Privacy” (Intimitet, poetry, 1987), “Adventures of freedom” (Aventurat e lirisë, tales and parables, 1995), “Love dream” (Endërr dashurie, poetry, 1996). To his pencil also belong plenty of books for children and song’s lyrics, for which he has also won awards. For the organs of daily literary press, he has written criticism literary, reviews and essays.
The book with poetries “Cosmic Epidemic” (Epidemi Kozmike) is one of the best works of the poet Sazan Goliku.


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