Notes about the book “Chameria’s flavor” of the writer Shefki Hysa

By: Ismail Kadare

I was impressed by the book with short stories “Chameria’s flavor” (Aromë Çamërie) written by Shefki Hysa, promoted in one of the programs of the national TV Channel. I am interested in every publication on Chameria, whenever it is remembered. This is not to encourage any disturbances in the Balkans, as someone might think of, but to calm down any restless conscience. This is why I said that I was impressed by the book with short stories “Chameria’s flavor” (Aromë Çamërie) of this author originated from Chameria. I was interested in reading this book and I was anxious to go carefully through its pages and come across the message of hope and peace that it conveys to the reader.
In short, I would say that this book is necessary, imperative and moral, like every publication of this nature. There are many reasons that the Chams do not forget Chameria and this is not only their right, but also the right of all the Albanians. Furthermore, it is a moral task, because one can never forget the suffering wound of thousands and thousands people. It can never be forgotten the displacement, it can never be forgotten the birth place, where the hearth is. All of these will help to get rid of the nightmares, as the book “Chameria’s flavor” (Aromë Çamërie) does.
It is high time for the Balkans to get rid of the old crimes, and one of them is what happened to Chameria – the Cham’s drama. In this way, the Balkans will pave the way towards the emancipation. Only after this, the Balkans might become part of the emancipated European family.


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