Notes about the book “Agony and Hope” of the writer Liri Hidërshaj

The novel “Agony and Hope” (Agoni dhe Shpresë) of the author Liri Hidërshaj, comes in front of the reader as a continuity of characters’ life, events and facts that have been part of the subject of her creativity even before.
The author is not a storyteller of imagination, but of concrete psychology. The fables that she treats convey some social problems, that arouse emotions and worries of the reader who in a way or another have experienced such stunning events, situations and vicissitude in this grim atmosphere that has plagued our country in these prolonged transition years.
Today’s Albanian reality, by interfering into creativity, creates images of the human pain with a tense drama. And a good author, who knows how to refine the abundance of this first material, is as lucky as Liri Hidërshaj, who as a cognitive of life, turns into a singer of human grief.
In this novel Liria intertwine the real world on the eve of agony that comes to book through events as painful, tremendous and shocking as the one of “Gërdec”, where 26 innocent people lost their life with the artist’s dream for a better world, always perfect as his own imagination.
The intensity of events description intertwined with the logy psychology of the terrorize spirit by frequent worries and unpleasant surprise that the difficult life brings full of agony and evoke death makes the fable very interesting, keeps the reader in anxiety, makes him relive the daily drama of his poverty, put him in front of big dilemma that have a row of existential questions for the survival of most Albanian families.
Evocative nightmare atmosphere of this book, creates the impression that the characters’ life the same as the Albanian life is involved in a spiral without head that swing like a cyclone whirlpool toward the certain death, however the author, with her wisdom, knows how to escape this fatal absurd by addressing God’s power, the Creator of Everything, by making an appeal to the Good which isn’t defeated by the Evil yet and hasn’t died in many human spirits, raises hope for a more sober tomorrow. As she cites at the end of the book with the voice of a character: “Lord’s way are infinite”… the people who believe those ways and hope, they surely have numerous possibilities of survival…


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